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Education material for Singapore's climate crisis

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Do you feel overwhelmed at times about getting reliable information about climate change?

This post is a repository of a collection of educational resources for Singapore's climate crisis. Feel free to use any of these resources for your own purpose. If you would like to join or partner with us in creating new content or spreading awareness, drop a note to

In this post

  1. Quick reference primer

  2. News and progress updates

  3. References published by institutional resources

  4. Climate crisis 101 educational resources

  5. Singapore's climate action policy

  6. Decarbonization solutions

  7. Public opinion on climate change

  8. Taking action

1. Quick reference primers

2. News and progress updates

3. References published by institutional sources

  1. UN Human Rights Council - Extreme poverty and climate change - 2019

  2. International Monetary Fund - Macroeconomic and Financial Policies for Climate Change - 2019

  3. American Chemical Society - Climate science toolkit

  4. ExxonMobil - Energy and Carbon Summary - 2019

  5. Pope Francis - Laudato Si - 2015

  6. National Association of Evangelicals - Loving the least of these - 2011

4. Climate crisis 101 education resources

  1. Taylor Hickem - Singapore's climate crisis: video (1h 24min) presentation slides and script

  2. Climate change facts sheet (9 pages) What on earth is the climate crisis?

Interactive materials and online courses

  1. Climate crisis quiz - Kahoot (short version)

  2. Climate crisis quiz - Google Sheets (long version)

Collaborative open access materials

drop a note to to request access to the Google Drive folder

5. Singapore's climate action policy

  1. PM Lee Hsien Loong UN climate action summit Singapore's action pledges - 2019

  2. National Climate Change Secretariat - Climate Change & Singapore: Challenges. Opportunities. Partnerships - 2012

6. Decarbonization solutions

7. Public opinion on climate change

  1. Milieu Insights and Climate Conversations - Motivating Climate Action - 2018

  2. Sonny Rosenthal, Edmund Lee, Shirley Ho and Benjamin Detenber - Perceptions of climate change in Singapore and the US - 2013

  3. Yale Program on Climate Communications - Global warming's six Americas - 2016

  4. Iain Walker and Zoe Leviston - Three types of climate change denial - 2019

  5. National Association of Evanglicals - Loving the least of these - 2011

8. Taking action

First steps

  1. Taylor Hickem - How to make an impact in global warming - cheat sheet - 2019

  2. Thomas Doherty and Susan Clayton - The psychological impacts of climate change - 2011

Climate activism

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